Tyler LaBonte

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Tyler LaBonte
Machine Learning Research Intern at Google X
Viterbi Fellow at the University of Southern California
t + lastname@usc.edu

About Me

I am a machine learning research intern at Google X working on computational agriculture and an undergraduate researcher in the Theory Group at USC, formerly advised by Jason D. Lee and David Kempe. Previously, I was a machine learning research intern at Sandia National Laboratories and the Air Force Research Laboratory.

I will graduate from USC in May 2021 with my B.S. in Applied and Computational Mathematics. I am currently applying to Ph.D. programs in machine learning theory. If you are interested in working together, please contact me!

Research Interests

  • Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning and Data Science

  • Theory of Deep Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • Online Learning and Bandit Problems

  • Non-Convex Optimization and High-Dimensional Statistics

  • Explainability, Fairness, Robustness, and Scalability of Machine Learning

Selected Awards

  • USC Trustee Scholar ($250,000)

  • USC Viterbi Fellow ($24,000)

  • Dolphin Scholarship ($13,600)

  • Admiral Bernard Clarey Memorial Scholarship ($7,000)

Selected Publications